Stadium Security SolutionsZucchettiGroup is capable to accomplish complex projects which imply creating a complete access control system for stadiums. In fact, ZucchettiGroup creates hardware and software systems for access control which operate the turnstiles automatically.

Near Stadium entrances, readers for tickets and subscription cards are installed, which control double turnstiles unlocking them (and therefore granting access) once the access title has been verified and authorized.

The turnstiles are approved by UEFA. Being very high, they prevent jumping over and therefore guaranteeing a rapid visitor transit (only one person can pass at a time; a total of 800 persons can pass per hour at each gate).

The reading terminals are equipped with double Barcode readers for the bidirectional title reading and with RFID multi-standard readers of 13.56 MHz. They have a monitor that displays all entrances, the visitor flow per sector and per turnstile. If necessary (for example in case of public security problems) a keyboard is available for the manual unlock and deactivation of the access gates.

The system thus created allows verifying the validity of the entrance title, blocking access for those holding fake tickets and allowing an effective verification of the actual number of entrances. In fact, the system registers the automatic entrances as well as manual unlocks, therefore the displayed number is accurate.

The readers are also used to grant access at special gates for the disabled and are installed on a small column created ad hoc.

Moreover a wireless network can be created on the entire Stadium for WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) hand terminals with barcode readers for a second level control or for granting ulterior access, if requested. Also, in order to access the VIP zone, a WiFi hand reader which operates a motorized gate is used.

The hand readers as well as the terminal readers use ZucchettiGroup’s ON-Line AC top software, which allows an active and real time monitoring of the passing points. This means that the access rights and white lists are directly and univocally controlled by the application and that the transit data are registered directly by the software.

Even if the title is read by hand or normal readers, the information is managed in a centralized manner. The management Server is installed near the offices inside the stadium, with a direct connection to the ticket-office system. A monitor was installed to display the system and access statuses in real time, in the SOG (Special Operative Group) room, the police office equipped to control and monitor the stadium.

Possible anomalies are notified in real time at the passing points through an auto-explanatory notification icon.