Zucchetti Axess for Education is the complete “turnkey” system devised to organize the timetables and areas of Schools and Universities and to guarantee the security of students, teachers and in general all those using the areas, the buildings and the equipment installed in them:

  • Access Control
  • EasyAcademy (organization of timetables, schedules and classrooms)
  • Canteen Management
  • Video Surveillance


Access Control

Thanks to Zucchetti Axess wide range of terminals dedicated to time and attendance and access control, fitted out with all the latest identification technologies (proximity, UHF, NFC, biometric, magnetic, barcode).


Thanks to Xatlas, a unique modular and scalable software platform equipped with technologically advanced features, it is possible to manage the entire integrated system for access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance, and to control at all times those entering and leaving the university and the various areas designated for educational activities.



With EasyAcademy Zucchetti Axess solution for the organization of course, schedules and the management of the lecture rooms in the University Institutes. This solution makes it possible to resolve all the problems connected with the planning of lecture timetables, exam session schedules and the management of lecture rooms and laboratories.


EasyAcademy can respond efficiently to all of the university’s organizational needs, because its development is the fruit of the cooperation of university lecturers and skilled researchers at the cutting edge of operations research.Through one single interface with profile-based access, all University users can access all the services provided for them in a personalized manner.


Thanks to the EasyCourse, EasyTest and EasyRoom modules, the schedules for the university courses on offer can be managed in relation to the areas available. And with EasyAPP, you’ve got all the schedules in your pocket!



EasyTAB is the mobile version of EasyAcademy for university public devices and screens to display students’ timetable and the general room reservation situation. This is possible thanks to the connection of this device with the systems EasyCourse and EasyRoom. EasyTAB is meant to support students checking up quickly and wherever they are not only their personal lecture timetables, but also the free rooms in a certain moment.


Canteen Management

Zucchetti Axess offers to schools and universities Canteen management a complete solution which makes it possible to:

· manage the reservation and consumption of canteen meals;

· define the courses available to students and the menus from which they can choose;

· record the reservations and / or orders arriving from a terminal, storing the detail of each single course;

· record the reservations entered on the video screen by the individual employees;

· manage any corrections made to the reservation by the canteen reservation/ consumption terminal;

· print the list of the courses reserved to be delivered to the canteen manager for the preparation of the meals;

· Manage several canteens or external managers at the same time.

· Manage the recharging of pre-paid cards through terminals.



Zucchetti Axess video surveillance systems contain top quality technological solutions and devices: cameras, video recorders, and central video monitoring software, video archiving systems, license plate recognition systems and much more. Schools and universities will no longer be at the mercy of thieves or vandals thanks to the vigilant eye of Zucchetti Axess.