The estimations of a significant growth in passenger traffic lead the Italian airline to undertake an ambitious modernization project that regards the expansion of the current boarding-stop area. Therefore it is necessary to introduce a higher security level and the access control system had to respond to precise features Viz Pedestrian access control, vehicle access control and Biometric technology.


The system’s complexity depends on the number of passes it has to control or on the various control types which have to be performed according to the particularity of each passing. The project regarded the integration of software and hardware components for access control.

It is necessary to install access control terminals with a biometric system for fingerprint reading, completed with a proximity transponder for reading smart cards. To increase security and access speed it has been decided to match the user’s print with the RFID MIFARE badge which memorizes fingerprint template data according to privacy rules. Therefore the insecure data banks containing all subject templates are avoided.
The system is managed through ZucchettiGroup Access Management that allows controlling in real time access authorizations or access point statuses (open, closed, in alarm). The possibility to connect online approximately 100 access points through a mixed Ethernet/RS485 network allowed a substantial wiring cost reduction.
The software allows the differential management of the following functions:
a) system management;
b) alarms and anomalies signaling;
c) management maintenance with installation signaling creating events files with anomaly codes and signaling non functioning components.
The Windows ‘user friendly’ interface is particularly intuitive thanks to the graphic representation of the system components and their functional status (damaged – disabled – alarm) displayed on the installation plan.
ZucchettiGroup Access Management presents the following features:
• Password access and user smart card reader;
• management of users and entities’ identification data with input modification and cancellation functions with a non modifiable events log;
• Creation of parametric lists for users and events, with the possibility of customized settings for personalized prints;
• Parametric multi-criteria research on key bases chosen by the user;
• Access areas and timetable management with the possibility of administrating various levels of user group’s authorization, configuration and definition with authorizations and the possibility to customize every user property;
• access control terminal management with the possibility of “setting” via software the readers and control types to be performed, receiving in real time the alarm signals;
• maintenance management notifying the anomalies in the installation plan metric scheme; system maintenance database;
• Management of access authorization requests within the airport through a Web Site page and a 7 level authorization Workflow program.
Case Study:
ZUCCHETTI AXESS implemented their Time & Attendance system with multifunctional LEGIC® R&W terminals at AIRBUS Spain.
Airbus, leading Aircraft Manufacturer active in 80 countries, has recently upgraded their Time & Attendance system at the Spanish manufacturing plants in Madrid and Sevilla. Zucchetti Axess together with the Spanish Partner Softmachine have implemented a complete, multifunctional attendance system integrating LEGIC security technology.
Zucchetti Axess became OEM LEGIC Partner in 2003, designing and manufacturing multifunctional readers and programmable terminals in Italy.
Airbus has been partnering with LEGIC for several years, since the company decided to adopt this high security technology within their organization. When Airbus came across Zucchetti Axess during a LEGIC Meeting, a challenging Partnership came into being and the global aircraft company started purchasing LEGIC badge readers by Zucchetti Axess.
ZUCCHETTI AXESS Airbus Project in Spain
In 2010 Airbus short-listed some qualified suppliers in order to carry out an upgrade project in 4 military aircraft manufacturing plants in Madrid and Sevilla. The purpose was to replace the existing HW devices with new LEGIC equipments to harmonize with the security standards of the Airbus Group. The requirements of the system were quite ambitious: multi-application capability, integration with the existing system, flexibility and functional modularity.
Softmachine, Zucchetti Axess local Partner, successfully carried out the project by delivering 120 EtherTRAX+G terminals with LEGIC® reader, interfaced with the existing SAP HR module, through Zucchetti Axess certified XAtl@s SAP connector module. The EtherTRAX+G terminals were especially configured to read the proprietary Airbus segment from high security LEGIC badges. Moreover, Zucchetti Axess X-Atl@s software was used to fully monitor the status of the terminals on-line and to transfer data to the main server in real-time.
The customer’s requirements were highly complex and demanding, nevertheless the project was carried out in a quite short time frame. More than 10.000 Airbus employees will therefore enjoy the advantages of a complete, cutting-edge Time & Attendance system, thanks to the excellent customization applied by the supplier and the professional service of the local Partner. As a result of this first important LEGIC reference in Spain, Softmachine decided to join the LEGIC Partner Network to win new business opportunities.