Our Time and Attendance software solutions are integrated into a modular suite that combines advanced applicative for all aspects of HR management, advanced communication and process management tools, all the way up to Access Control solutions.


PTM – People Time Management
PEOPLE TIME MANAGEMENT is a software developed with “.net” technology that, when integrated with the time and attendance terminals from Zucchetti, represents the ideal solution for the automation of attendance processes, as well as control and management of data related to attendance and absence of personnel in companies of any size and in any industry.
From small and simple companies to large and complex organizations and institutions such as banks, hospitals, state or municipal governments. It allows control over the company’s productivity and labor costs.


Main Features:


  • Records IN and OUT transactions of each employee.
  • Highlights any anomalies against the predefined work behavior patterns.
  • Allows those responsible to view and control data regarding time and attendance of personnel.
  • Facilitates the management of data and the extraction of useful data for statistic purposes, calculation of wages (reason codes management, daily/monthly automatic creation of different contractual benefits according to attendance data, e.g. shift differential, vacation accruals, etc.).
  • Manages printing of appropriate reports according to labor regulations and requirements.
  • Manages any type of timetable according to contracts requirements.

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GPWEB – Time and Attendance Management – Web
Time and Attendance Management Web is an entirely web-based attendance solution, accessible from any place through any type of Internet/Intranet connection, that best manages data collection in companies/entities with decentralized functions with more headquarters, branches, stores and working sites. The solution allows branches to manage Time and Attendance via Web in complete autonomy, just by using a browser.


Time and Attendance Management Web is very:

  • flexible because it is easily adaptable to Customer’s organizational choices.
  • user friendly because of its intuitive structures.
  • intelligent because it guides the operator into finding the best way to manage problems.

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A web based (Internet/Intranet) software solution that allows the effective management of the information flow and the overall communication within the company relatively to approval of documents, requests, etc. An example of such applications are: online time and attendance control, expense reports, request for travel, request for vacation, transfers, access authorizations, etc..


Workflow addresses the need for information sharing within a company; allowing active involvement and participation of all those in charge of human resources management –personnel department, supervisors, managers and office staff–ensuring:

  • Efficiency and coherence of business processes.
  • Accuracy of data being accessed.
  • Traceability (keeping records) of requests.
  • Costs reduction.

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