FARO CAM2 Measure 10 Software


Large scale 3D scanning just got smarter and a lot faster. CAM2 Measure 10 is a powerful, versatile, full featured 3D metrology software that is engineered to handle most contact measurement and non-contact 3D scanning applications. CAM2 Measure 10 delivers its most powerful advantages when scanning large complex objects.

Armed with vastly expanded point cloud capacity,  it enables you to connect multiple 3D measurement devices quickly scan large objects. Multi device 3D scanning can for the first time cover simultaneously within one coordinate system and input it to single suite of software on one computer.

When you combine CAM2 Measure 10  simultaneous measurement capability with FARO Edge ScanArm HD and its state-of-the-art blue laser technology you can collect a millions of points per second  with industry leading accuracy and resolution without compromising software processing speed. Simple to set up and use CAM2 Measure 10 lets you leverage the power of simultaneous measurement to complete large scale 3D scanning in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods allowing you to quickly collect and analyze the data you need to maximize  your efficiency and optimize your processes.


FARO CAM2 SmartInspect


FARO’s CAM2 SmartInspect is the perfect software for any FARO Laser Tracker, Arm and Gage users who are looking for non-CAD based inspection.  A highly efficient software for next measurement level, engineered for simplicity, provides graphical support for guided batch measurement.

It features a Live 3D viewer with the help of which users can see the results of their measurements shown graphically in projection plane views.

Labels can be configured to automatically appear in the graphical view to provide immediate feedback on measurement results.

The on-screen dimensioning capabilities allows the users to Interact directly with the graphical view to create dimensions and constructions needed to extract information that cannot be measured directly.

Also, whisker and boundary display feature shows the detailed error distribution with colors that highlight the specific areas of the part that are out of tolerance.

In addition to proven technology that simplifies your daily business needs, the FARO’s CAM2 SmartInspect demonstrates a number of intuitive features so that users without any 3D metrology background can be easily trained.