The FARO ScanArm combines all of the advantages of the FaroArm with a hand held laser scanner and is the perfect contact/non-contact measurement system. The Faro ScanArm allows your to align, inspect, build, analyze and reverse engineer parts and assemblies The device has a number of unique capabilities such a temperature compensation that guarantees accuracy throughout the operating temperature of the Arm.

The Faro ScanArm is used in combination with the laser line probe to generate CAD data. It enable users to collect point data through unparalleled non-contact 3D scanning capabilities for detailed measurement of surface form, making the ScanArm the perfect combination of a contact and non-contact portable CMM.

The FARO ScanArm is the ideal tool for inspection, point cloud-to-CAD comparison, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling.

In combination with the all-in-one metrology software CAM2 Measure 10, FARO ScanArm provides companies with a complete metrology package for both contact and non-contact measurement.


FARO Edge ScanArm® HD

The Faro Edge ScanArm HD delivers point cloud capture with rapid speed, superior resolution and high accuracy wthout any special coatings or target placements, all in a compact and easy to use and affordable system. This Is the next generation technology for Faro’s laser line probe. The power of the new laser line probe combined with the flexibility of the Faro Arm provides the ideal solution for contact and non-contact measurement. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, metal fabrication and energy successfully utilize Faro Edge ScanArm for product development, inspection and quality control. It is an ideal tool for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, point cloud-to-CAD comparison and 3D inspection of free form surfaces which takes the physical objects into the digital realm with ease.

The advanced scanning technology enables users to reduce on-site measuring times, scan intricate part with fine details and simultaneously scan across materials with reliable accuracy.

Intricate components can now be captured in fine detail as a result of the 2,000 actual points per scanline and the new blue laser featuring noise reduction technology.

It is now possible to scan metallic parts without special coatings. The HDR mode scans high contrasting colors at once, easing the process of scanning.

The ScanArm HD is simple to use, requires minimal training and integrates easily into the existing processes. Its ergonomic design along with the compact size and light weight make this a user friendly tool. The device allows the users to seamlessly Scan  challenging materials such as black, shiny, high gloss parts, chrome and metallic parts and parts with intricate details. Combined with the enhanced functionality of CAM2 Measure 10 software the Faro ScanArm HD is a complete solution for all your 3D contact and non-contact needs.

  • Accuracy- ±25μm (±0,001in)
  • Scan rate- 280 frames/second, 280fps x 2,000 points/line = 560,000 points/sec

FARO Edge ScanArm® ES

Faro ScanArm Main

The Faro Edge ScanArm ES features enhanced scanning technology by  accurately capturing 45,120 points per second. It exhibits an improved scanning performance and scans dark glossy surfaces effortlessly. Automatic scan setting optimization capabilities allow the users to use the device for scanning a wide variety of surfaces. You can now seamlessly go from hard probing to scanning with the use of this highly efficient measurement system.

The FARO Edge ScanArm ES delivers a good performance at a very competitive price in the industry for a handheld laser scanning system.

  • Accuracy ±35µ (±.0014 in.)
  • Scan rate up to 45,120 points/sec

FARO ScanArm V3

Faro ScanArm V3

The FARO ScanArm V3 tackles measurement tasks like inspection, point cloud-to-CAD comparison, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling and serves for the probing and scanning tasks of simple surfaces. The FARO ScanArm V3 is compatible with the FaroArm Fusion.

  • Accuracy ±35µ (±.0014 in.)
  • Scan rate up to 19,200 points/sec








 Common applications of the FARO ScanArm

Industries such as aerospace, automotive, metal fabrication and tool & die manufacturing use the ScanArm for non-contact inspection and quality control in diverse applications such as CAD-based inspection, rapid prototyping, first article inspection, and reverse engineering.