Save time and money by replacing cluttered inspection areas with the one tool that can do it all – the FARO Gage. 

The use of time consuming measurement techniques often complicates quality control procedures and has a direct impact on the competitiveness. The FARO Gage is specifically designed for portable and flexible use, directly in the manufacturing process. It helps in eliminating inaccuracies where measurement reports are generated automatically and can be tailored to individual customer requirements. With a measurement volume of 1.2m(4ft) the FARO Gage combines all the benefits of traditional metrology devices into one complete measurement solution. The compact FARO Gage measurement arm has a multi axis design to provide 6 degrees of freedom for maximum flexibility. The hard probe can be positioned in many different orientations for measurement versatility.

The device offers high accuracy and repeatability of upto 0.018mm (0.0007 in.) and is easy to use, with its internal counterbalancing for fatigue-free movement. The temperature and overload sensors ensure it performs at maximum accuracy. Accompanying the device is a powerful yet easy to use FARO Gage software. This tool can be used through any task, no matter how complicated, Clear symbols and intuitive navigation allow for a rapid and reliable measurement process. The tool offers features such as automated reporting that allows instant documentation of your inspection work. The FARO Gage can be effectively used for Quality control tasks including GD&T (Geometric  Dimensioning and Tolerancing), first article inspection, 3D inspection of a Body-in-White, or Dimensional analysis of composite tooling etc.


Faro Gage Main

Features of the FARO Gage

  • 1.2m (4 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Accuracy up to 0.018mm (0.0007 in.)
  • Temperature & Overload Sensors: Allow the FARO Gage to maximize accuracy by detecting and compensating for thermal variations and improper handling
  • Internal Counterbalancing: Allows the user to move the FARO Gage easily with one hand without becoming fatigued
  • Bluetooth Cable-Free Operation: Inspect and digitize wirelessly up to 10m (30 ft.) away

Common Applications of the FARO Gage

The FARO Gage can be effectively used for quality control tasks including GD&T (Geometric  Dimensioning and Tolerancing) and exporting to SPC (Statistical Process Control), first article inspection, 3D inspection of a Body-in-White, or dimensional analysis of composite tooling.