In times of increasing quality requirements more and more manufacturers find the need to inspect their products using a measuring device that is easy to operate and to get precise results. The FaroArm is a portable measurement Arm that allows manufacturers to easily verify their product quality by performing Inspection, Tool certifications, CAD comparison, Dimensional Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and more.

The FaroArm has been the embodiment of the ideal tool for flexibly taking measurements of any kind on any part. The FaroArm is designed to efficiently carry out mobileĀ  measurements of the components.The FaroArm is the ideal measuring device for industries that need assured quality in the production process. In addition to speed, cost saving, flexible and easy handling the device featuresĀ  great accuracy and repeatability making it an indispensable measuring device preferred by manufacturers all over the world.


FaroArm Models


Faro Edge



  • 1.8m to 3.7m (6 ft. to 12 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Repeatibility from 0.024mm (0.0009 in.) to 0.064mm (0.0025in.)

Faro Prime



  • 1.2 m to 3.7m (4 ft. To 12 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Repeatibility from 0.016mm (0.0006 in.) to 0.060mm (0.0024in.)

Faro Fusion



  • 1.8 to 3.7m (6 to 12 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Repeatibility from 0.036mm (0.0014 in.) to 0.104mm (0.0041in.)