Project X

Project X is an advanced vision system for non-contact shop floor measurement and features Aberlink’s powerful vision software plus a host of easy-to-use inspection tools. Click on the Project X video link below and see for yourself how versatile, quick and easy it is to use.


Key Features

  • Fully automated CNC, or manual, non-contact inspection for small and delicate parts
  • Small enough to be positioned on the production workbench
  • Aberlink’s easy-to-use vision measurement software
  • High speed optical scanning – up to 5000 points/second
  • Generous measurement area and stand off, ideal for measuring over tall features
  • Robust outer casing protects the system from damage and contamination
  • Fully programmable digital zoom, no need to change lenses
  • Directional overhead lights and back light provide profile and surface feature inspection
  • No need to clamp the part, the camera moves in, over and around the part
  • Powerful edge detection tools for maximum accuracy
  • Fine adjust hand wheels for manual operation
  • Measures accurately even when the feature is not in focus
  • High performance air bearing design with integral air compressor