Vision Measurement Software

The Aberlink Vision Software module enhances the capability of Aberlink 3D with a set of powerful vision measurement tools – now you can use the same software with your touch probe and non-contact system.

Measure geometric features, scan profiles and inspect threads using high-accuracy edge detection and high-speed optical scanning. Programmatically control the camera and light settings plus simulate cross hairs and overlays.

Optical Scanning

  • Automatic 2D profile scanning
  • Scan geometric features
  • Scan individual features
  • Scan all visible features with a single mouse click
  • Digitise 2D profiles – data export via DXF
Programming Tools

  • Full colour video image
  • CNC and manual machine controls
  • Auto focus
  • Digital Zoom
  • Light intensity
  • Light direction
  • Ancillary lighting
Feature Inspection
  • Automatic measurement routines
  • High speed edge detection
  • Feature recognition
  • Profile measurement
  • Surface detail and feature measurement
  • Z axis measurement using focus points
  • Centre line detection
  • Feature construction
  • High/low point detection
  • Thread Inspection

    • Measure threads with 2 mouse clicks
    • Min, max and average thread pitch
    • Left and right flank angles
    • Effective diameter
    Screen Overlays

    • XY cross hairs
    • Angular cross hairs
    • Align to mouse click
    • Align to edge