Zenith too

The Zenith too range is the best value-for-money for the measuring volume of any CMM available in the market. It is the perfect affordable metrology solution for big and heavy parts. The high quality shop floor design features Aberlink’s easy-to-use software plus the flexibility of touch probe and non-contact inspection using the optional Aberlink CMM camera.


Key Features

  • Aberlink’s easy-to-use measurement software (now standard on many OEM systems)
  • Shortest learning curve of any similar system – 1.5 days without prior CMM experience
  • Smallest overall footprint of any equivalent size CMM
  • Choice of sizes ranging 1000mm to 3000mm
  • Suitable for the workshop environment
  • Anti-vibration protection from local machine tools as standard
  • Ergonomic touch sensitive 3D joystick and variable speed control
  • Comprehensive range of probing options and accessories
  • Temperature compensation option for workshop environments
  • Optional CMM camera system option for non-contact inspection
  • Free stylus change rack with every motorised probe head upgrade