CMM Camera

The Aberlink colour CMM camera can be used with manual and CNC CMMs. It can measure low-profile 2D parts, small and delicate parts using high resolution non-contact inspection. The light settings, edge detection and optical scanning tools are all fully programmable enabling you to use touch and vision technology within the same inspection program. This significantly increases the versatility of the CMM at a fraction of the cost of a standalone vision machine. View the Aberlink 3D video and see for yourself.


Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Aberlink’s easy-to-use measurement software
  • Swap between touch probe and CMM camera in seconds
  • Use touch and vision technology within the same inspection program
  • Unique duel light ring with UV LED’s to back light parts on the CMM
  • High speed optical scanning – up to 5000 points/second
  • High precision edge detection for feature inspection
  • Thread measurement – min/max/mean pitch, left/right angles, effective diameter
  • Screen overlays – XY/angular crosshairs, align to mouse, align to edge
  • Large stand-off for measuring over tall features
  • Fully programmable digital zoom (no need to change lenses)
  • Directional overhead lights and back light for profile and surface feature inspection
  • Telecentric lens measures accurately even when the feature is out of focus



Sensor    3 Mega pixel high speed colour camera
Resolution    2048 x 1536 (QXGA)
Stand off    min 125mm max 1000mm (manually adjusted)
Field Of View    min 9.5mm max 125mm
Pixel Size    min 4.8µm max 48µm



Backlight      Glass stage with programmable intensity
Overhead      Duel LED light ring with programmable direction and intensity
Ancillary      Fully supports ancillary lighting such as light tables