XMARKE XAP145-70 6HD is our champion portable machine and is a favorite in industries such as steel fabrication, steel structures, tanks & pressure vessels manufacturers, ship building & maintenance, marine contractors etc. Mainstream applications of this machine includes part marking on heavy structures, deep marking for traceability, marking on heavy structures and work pieces that are difficult to move etc..


Deeper marking on heavy steel structure, Vessels, Boilers and Oil & Gas Related Fabrication to any heavy jobs with metal hardness varying mild steel, Carbon Steel.



  • It is adequate for marking characters ,serials number ,VIN codes, pictorial trade mark etc. on very heavy or not easy to move metal work piece .
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Oil & Gas, Mining industry…
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Steel Structure, Steel Buildings…
  • Truck frames (V.I.N.), construction vehicles…


Technical Specifications:

  • Marking contents: all kinds of logo (characters, Alphanumeric, date, numbers, serial NO, VIN codes, graph, etc) on any metal or non-metal material.
  • Designed to support Line marking, Dot marking and multiple lines marking.
  • Logos, Name plate tags etc drawn in AutoCAD software can be exported to Machine for marking.
  • Portable, Heavy duty and Low-stress marking
  • Good Visibility after sand blasting and painting.
  • Automatic serial and date coding.
  • Marking speeds up to 20 characters per minute, depending upon the character size.
  • Deep marking: up to 0.4 to 1 MM and programmable character size and depth.
  • Large marking area: 145×70 MM. (Marking Area can be customized based on your needs).
  • To obtain a professional Marking result, XAP145-70 6HD is provided with 36V electro Magnet to hold onto the marking object strongly.
  • Two options can be provided for the operation of the machine: either with a PC or Standard control unit.
  • Operating Power Supply: 230V/50Hz single phase.
  • Air pressure of 5 bars + (or) – 5 (87 psi) is required.