XMARKE XASL200-110 is specific for label and tag marking. Once we design the template of your steel / aluminum label or metal tag, it will automatically mark the data in the designated fields quickly and neatly. It saves a great deal of time and money in making labels for you pressure vessels, engines, motors etc. and avoid human errors.


Label Marking Machines especially to mark on Labels, Name Plates, Tags, Variety of component shapes and small metal parts.


Available Marking Area: 110X80 MM, 200X110, 240X240MM, etc… (Can be customized to any size based on customer requirements.)



  • Name Plates, Tags, Labels, Variety of component shapes and small metal parts.
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Steel Fabrication Industries
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Mechanical Component Manufacturers, etc…


Technical Specifications:

  • Marking contents: all kinds of logo (characters, Alphanumeric, date, numbers, serial NO, VIN codes, graph, etc) on any metal or non-metal material.
  • Designed to support Line marking, Dot marking and multiple lines marking.
  • Logos, Name plate tags etc drawn in AutoCAD software can be exported to Machine for marking.
  • Stand Alone, Low stress marking which support flat marking. (It can also support circumference marking with the additional purchase of removable Rotary fixture).
  • Automatic serialization and date coding
  • Mechanical simplicity and completely User friendly.
  • Designed to perform marking 30 characters per minute. (Depending on character size).
  • Deep marking: up to 0.3 to 0.5 MM and programmable character size and depth.
  • Two options can be provided for the operation of the machine: either with a PC or Standard control unit.
  • Operating Power Supply: 230V/50Hz single phase.
  • Air pressure of 5 bars + (or) – 5 (87 psi) is required.