XAP 145-70 4HD

XASD 850-150 Cones / Flanges Marking machine model is a patent model which is mostly for dia100 – 850 mm big and heavy metal work piece circumference marking. It can be used for stainless steel flange, carbon steel flange, alloy steel flange, forged ring, pipe, pipe fitting. The design of block-out controlling cabinet benefits for damp-proof ,dust-proof, shake-proof, meanwhile , the dust-proof marking head with aluminum alloy which could protect dust or metal mote sparking into marking head and re-long using life . It could be used in the wicked working condition.



  • Stainless steel flange, carbon steel flange, alloy steel flange, forged ring, pipe, pipe fittings.
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Steel Fabrication Industries
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Mechanical Component Manufacturers, etc…


Technical Specifications:

  • XASD850-150  is  a  patent  model  which  is  mostly  for  big  and  heavy  metal  work  piece Circumference marking.  For  example:  stainless  steel  flange,  carbon  steel  flange,  alloys  steel flange, forged ring, pipe, pipe fittings.
  • XASD200-110  (with  double  rotary  fixture  )  marking  model  support  flat  marking  and  rotary marking.
  • For the flat marking, it supports the entire work piece flat marking which could move under the marking head.
  • Marking head which could turn 90 degree, used for flat marking and rotary marking.
  • For rotary marking, the unit comprises of two types of rotary fixtures.
  • For the OD125mm rotary fixture, It support OD10MM-OD125MM (Inner OD) work piece rotary marking (weight under 10kg)
  • For the OD850MM rotary fixture, it support OD150MM-OD850MM (Inner OD) work piece rotary marking (weight under 110kg).
  • Marking contents: all kinds of logo (characters, Alphanumeric, date, numbers, serial NO, VIN codes, graph, etc) on any metal.
  • Supports both plane marking (curve or any angle) and circumference marking.
  • Supports flat or regular convex surface marking.
  • Support “line” and “dot” marking.
  • Low-stress marking.
  • Automatic serialization and date coding.
  • Marking speeds up to 30 characters per minute, depending upon the character size.
  • Deep marking Up to 1 mm and programmable character size and depth.
  • Support WINDOWS98/ME/XP.
  • Support multi-kinds font.
  • Support linear, angular, radial, indignation, inverted, mirrored marking.
  • All the logo size could changeable as will.
  • Marking speed is changeable as will.
  • Protect VIN code exactness automatically.
  • Support .MVG format graph from CAD, CORLEDRAW.
  • ALL marking content could be saved as .xls format file.
  • Simple graph could draw directly by our marking software.
  • Support series No marking one by one automatically.
    • Operating Power Supply: 230V/50Hz single phase.
    • Air pressure of 5 bars + (or) – 5 (87 psi) is required.