CO2 Laser Marking Machine


XMARKE CO-Series Laser Marking Machines are available in four different power levels, 10W Model CO10, 15W model CO15, 25W Model CO25, 50W Model CO50.


The CO2 radio frequency laser and high speed scanning galvanometer provide reliable guarantee for the long time, continuous, high speed stable and consistent working of the machine. The CO2 laser has big power and high electro optic conversion efficiency. It uses CO2 as the working substance, and fills the CO2 and other gases into the discharge tube. When high voltage is added to the electrode, glow discharge generates in the discharge tube and makes the gas molecules release laser. After expanding and focusing the released laser energy, the laser process is realized through deflection with scanning galvanometer. The marker software runs in all WINDOWS platform. It is compatible with the file formats of AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW and PHOTOSHOP, such as PLT, PCW, DIF, BMP, etc. It also can use SHK and TTF character libraries suitable for non-metal materials such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, organic materials, plastic, epoxy resin etc.


Technical Specifications:

  • High marker precision, high speed, controllable carving depth.
  • Big laser power, suitable carving and cutting nonmetal products.
  • Adopted the imported CO2 laser, its beam is of superior quality, stable light and low failure rate.
  • No consumables, low cost, as long as 20,000 to 30,000 hours service life.
  • Clear mark, high carving and cutting efficiency, environmental friendly, and energy saving. 30,000 hours + of laser lifetime before recharging.
  • Rotary marking is possible in all series of CO2 laser machine.
  • Mount in any orientation.
  • Air-cooled design (no water or external chiller required).
  • Zero maintenance and Low cost of ownership.
  • Since the laser beam is invisible, the Red Dot Pointer on Laser Systems allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire.
  • Second focus diode help to find focus point more easily.
  • Optional system like Rotary Marking, adjustable table and marking area (based on requirement) can be added or modified.


co2 laser machines

Options and Accessories



Laser Software

  •  Supported operation system: Windows xp , Windows 7
  • Support all Characters, digitals, serial numbers, Date codes, and all type of shapes.
  • Various types of fonts are supported such as TrueType, JSF (Single line font), DMF (Dot Matrix Font), One-Dimensional bar code, Two-Dimensional bar code and so on.
  • All common types of images are supported. (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif…)
  • All Common vector images are supported. (ai, dxf, dst and plt etc..)
  • Flexible variable text: changes the text real time while in laser processing.
  • Excel datasheet is supported.
  • Image processing (Grayscale, White / Black Transformations)
  • Powerful hatching functions, such as support round hatch.


Below is the screenshot of the Ezcad laser software outview.

co2 laser machines



Application material: Majority of nonmetal materials such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, papers, fabric, organic materials, plastic, epoxy resin, acrylic etc.


Application Industry: Electronic components, medicines, food, drinking package, leather products, rag trade, woodworks, craftworks and package.