Faro Laser Tracker For Quick, Simple and Precise Measurement

The Faro laser tracker is a high-end, extremely accurate, portable coordinate measuring machine. It enables manufacturing companies to build products, optimize process and deliver scalable solutions by measuring product part quickly, simple and precisely. You can save millions of dollars by completing your jobs quickly, eliminating downtime, reducing expensive scrap, and getting accurate, consistent and reportable measurement data. The Faro laser tracker works on new and improved TrackArm technology, and you can unite this machine with the FaroArm into a long reach probe.


Prominent Features of the Faro Laser Tracker

Using the Faro Laser Tracker, you can produce highly competitive products, boost product improvement initiatives and deliver high-performing products to survive and lead today’s technical market place. As the machine comes with advanced features such as MultiView cameras, SmartFind target detection, TruADM, innovative packaging, and a water and dust resistant IP52 rating,Faro Laser tracker is definitely the world’s most complete laser tracking solution.

Types of Faro laser Tracker

  • Faro laser Tracker Vantage
  • Faro Laser Tracker ION


Faro laser Tracker Vantage

The Faro vantage offers the world’s most complete laser tracking solution with high accuracy for large volume measurement. It is a terrific solution to get extreme portability, supreme accuracy, and shop-floor durability.  Faro Laser Tracker has 160m spherical working volume, and offers accuracy up to 0.015mm.

Salient Features

  • It is compact in size, and very easy to use and transport between job sites.
  • It comes with water and dust resistant IP52 rating.
  • It has an innovative travel case system to ensure safety during transport.
  • It incorporates SmartFind which quickly and efficiency locates and locks on to the correct target.
  • It has patent pending integrated MultiView Camera system that can automatically point to a specific target when it is not in its normal position.
  • It comes with TruADM patented 5th generation ADM system to provide accuracy to every day application.
  • It has integrated WLAN which simply measures anywhere within the wireless network’s range to enhance convenience.
  • Its QuickComp features optimize measurement based on a particular range to maintain high system accuracy.
  • It has TriMap encoder which is three read head system with self-mapping ability.


Faro  Laser Tracker ION

Businesses require highest precision in different activities such as  in-line measurements, high-speed dynamic measurements, or high-accuracy machine calibration. Faro Laser Tracker ION is an advanced interferometer (IFM) based measurement system that provides high accuracy and helps you in completing your measurement tasks. The system has 110 m spherical working volume and offers accuracy up to 0.015mm.

Salient features:

  • It has Dual Distancing system to perform high speed dynamic measurement or high precision in-line measurements with IFM.
  • It comes with versatile mounting option that offers versatility in tight or congested areas.
  • It comes with integrated weather station that monitors and compensates for temperature changes.
  • It comes with SelfComp feature to ensure high accuracy.
  • It has integrated precision level within the measurement job.

Common applications of the Faro Laser Tracker

The Faro laser tracker is used in different industries to perform various tasks such as alignment, part inspection, tool building, manufacturing, assembly integration and reverse engineering.



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