Luxion Inc.

Luxion is one of the top level partners of Worklogix and we work together in the area of Lighting Simulations in the GCC Region. Luxion is basically a US based company headquartered in Irvin, California. They have two offices, head office in Irvine and another in Aarhus N in Denmark.


Most of the product development companies, irrespective of the CAD software, always face difficulties in creating images, animations etc for marketing, brand building, printing, advertising etc. The technical geometry which have tremendous amount of data related to engineering will not suite the requirements. The generic softwares available in the market, which are basically used by animators and professionals in a different area, will be too cumbersome for ordinary engineers. Luxion understand this difficulty and created products that are very easy to use by non-artists, but give images and animations, which can outperform those softwares.


Luxion specializes in the computer based lighting simulations, advanced 3D rendering, animations and lighting technology etc. They have the expert knowledge in daylighting, atmospheric scattering, light scattering by materials (BRDF & BSSRDF), light transport algorithms, photon mapping, realtime rendering technology and calculation of scattering of light in complex 3D environments.

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