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Powerful morphing capabilities & shape optimization can be setup very easily with HpyerWorks Hyper study module. The Design Of Experiments (DOE) in Hyper study is capable of:


  • Full Factorial
  • Fractional Factorial
  • Box-Behnken
  • Plackett-Burman
  • Central Composite Design
  • Latin HyperCube
  • Hammersley
  • User defined and direct input of external run-matrix

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Approximation Method:

  • Least Squares Regression
  • Moving Least Squares Method
  • HyperKriging

HyperStudy Approximation

HyperStudy offers four optimization Engines:

  • Adaptive Response Surface,
  • Method of Feasible Directions,
  • Sequential Quadratic Programming,
  • Genetic Algorithm.
  • User-defined Method.