Product Development Consultancy

We provide one stop product development services for you to take your product to the market with reduced time, cost and efforts. We help you  to select the right product development processes and optimize your resources. We enable you to improve the time to market and derive increased product revenue with the help of our comprehensive solutions and services. Worklogix provides CAD design solutions that facilitate rapid development of products to capitalize on market opportunities.

We add exceptional value to your business by aligning your business targets with the strategies and initiatives. Major organizations  choose us because we work with them to deliver cutting-edge technologies and innovative products.

Our services are as follows:

CAD Conversion

We at Worklogix help our customers to save time and make the best use of their resources by providing CAD conversion services. Whatever format you have, we compute your paper drawings and other design related documents using well known convertors and provide a highly accurate CAD drawing which allows you to edit and update in CAD. Companies from various sectors including aerospace and defense, automotive, manufacturing, etc. are benefiting by converting their drawings in digital format through our services.


3D CAD Modelling

Come to us with your 2D plan, orthographic view or sketches, and we’ll turn it into a 3D CAD Model. In order to make your development process more proficient we re-engineer your design with 3D CAD tools and provide you the parametric, dimension driven, Interrelated 3D CAD models. We use efficient software tools and the best technologies to obtain the optimal CAD model that can be further edited in any CAD environment.




Shop floor drawings that match international drafting standards can be produced by our experts and CAD draughtsmen. We help you in creating all your shop floor, fabrication drawings for Architectural, Interior, MEP, Manufacturing, piping industries; etc.




Product Design 

Our expert team works with our customers to provide a complete design solutions and product development strategies. From concept to deployment, we take full responsibility of the design process. Our expert team is able to engage with our customer at any stage of the product designing process. With our unique perspective, we offer end-to-end product design services in various domains and help customers to translate ideas into products.