Interpretation System1

In the modern day of business communication that involves different Geographies of the world, Language shouldn’t be a barrier for seamless communication and to achieve that, Worklogix together with Ampere offers a ‘Simultaneous Interpretation System‘ that makes seamless-simultaneous listening possible beyond Languages.


Japan based Ampere specialized in Simultaneous Interpretation System, Audio Conferencing and Listening Station systems provide a simple turnkey solution that can easily connect your audience of different languages.

Ampere Conference Microphone


Ampere Simultaneous Interpretation System is specially designed to meet the demands and requirements of multilingual interpretation for a wide scale of applications, from small-size multilingual meetings to large-scale international conferences and the solution is simply flexible and can be customized for individual business needs.


While the interpretation system should be fast enough to be a real-time simultaneous interpretation, the system should also be secure so that no one snoops in and our Interpretation system also makes sure it’s secure, user-friendly (easy to operate), compact and with high sound quality that helps the receiver to listen the context clearly without external noise.