A “Public Address” system is anything that amplifies sound so more people can hear it. Public addressing systems are being used in every venue nowadays, be it big or small.  They are an integral part of every project across the world. These systems are widely used in hotels, hospitals, airports and the list goes on and on and this is often used to read announcements or to declare a state of emergency. A BGM based PA system provides the user to broadcast music to all zones and can help in entertaining/addressing the public in the most effective way. Most PA/BGM systems are interfaced with fire alarm systems which will enable the system to release warning/alert messages to the public.


PA systems are often used in small and large venues such as school auditoriums, churches and clubs. PA systems with many speakers are widely used to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings and locations. Intercom systems, installed in many buildings, have microphones in many rooms allowing the occupants to respond to announcements released from the PA system.


A PA System is also consist of an alarm and emergency button which can send pre-recorded message with absolute priority and enable broadcasting to all zones.


PA over IP

PA over IP refers to PA paging and intercom systems that use an IP network instead of a centralized amplifier to distribute the audio signal to paging locations across a building or campus, or anywhere else in the reach of the IP network. Network-attached amplifiers and intercom units are used to provide the communication function.


WorkLogix has implemented PA systems in highly credited venues using the most popular brands available in the market. We work hand in hand with all the distributors ensuring the capablity and longevity of each system proposed and installed. Our highly qualified  technical team have undergone training for each brand  and are certified from each of them to execute the system in the most efficient way. We after all value the quality of the work delivered to our clients which guarantees customer satisfaction.