Master Clock provides timing signals to synchronize slave clocks as part of a clock network. Today many quartz clocks are synchronized by radio signals or internet connections to a worldwide time system called Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is governed by master atomic clocks in many countries. Information systems, emergency response, education and research, financial trading, state and federal government are some examples where this Master Cock System is used.


Typically, GPS satellite signals are utilized forsynchronization to ensure accurate time, but other references may be used such as case of local atomic clocks or other time standards. Synchronize to a variety of time and frequency signals, maintain and process that time very accurately, and generate a wide range of time and frequency signals and protocols including IRIG, STANAG/Have Quick, NTP, PTP and many other precise analog and digital signals for virtually any device that requires a high degree of synchronization.


WorkLogix has installed this system in over 100 schools already in the middle east. Our highly qualified  technical team have undergone training for each brand  and are certified from each of them to execute the system in the most efficient way. We after all value the quality of the work delivered to our clients which guarantees customer satisfaction.