Hotel guests nowadays expect luxury at just a click of a button. They expect a superior home away from home experience whilst staying in all levels of accommodation. In short they need to experience luxury which will give them their full money’s worth. Operators want to deliver on the experience to build loyalty and enjoy premium returns, by reducing both capital and operating expenditure. These systems are used mainly in hotel rooms, hotel/serviced apartment rooms, guest houses and the list goes on and on.


Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is used to provide convenience to the guest and enhance the hotel operator’s control by providing efficient and intelligent management. These systems play a major role in controlling the maintenance and operational costs. Facilities that include Room status monitoring such as Do-not-Disturb, Make-up-Room, Laundry, Guest occupancy and many more as per the customer specifications are the added features to the guest room management system. They can also be used to control Air Conditioning units, Dimming Control, Lighting Control, Curtain/Blind Control Integration with PMS, BMS & other 3rd party systems.The entire system in the room can be controlled via our customized bed-side panels, and Smart Tablet PCs/devices.


WORKLogix has worked its way through the market and has an advantage of being known as the experienced solution providers of Guest room Management System . Our biggest challenge was to partner up with the right brand to add this service to our objectives. That when we found out that Crestron has the capability to deliver more than just a Guest room Management System. That made things easier for us.


The company’s philosophy is customer – human resources – product quality, which is a triptych with which achieves its continuous improvement and development.