Visualizer is the most flexible presentation hard ware. It can pick-up any kind of material like books, photos, 3-dimensional objects etc. it is quickly and easily, and provides a high resolution output signal for projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing systems.


Benefits of visualizer in education and conference

  • Displays object to the whole class  or conference room
  • Improves demonstration skills of presenter
  • Allows to share presenters work
  • Improves video conference.
  • Saves money and time


 There are 3 Types of Visualizer


  •  Portable visualizer –
These are designed for people who travel around with the Visualizer / Document Camera due to the easy fold away and light weight and compact size which can easily be carried. This type of visualizer is ideal for limited space or to use as a shared resource. They are generally less powerful than the desk Visualizers, but they can be more practical and they can be cheaper than desk visualizer.

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  • Desk visualizer
These are the most popular type of Visualizer / Document Camera in education, business and corporate sector. They are designed to be a permanent solution however we do provide cases for safe storage or if you do need to move the Visualizer around, these Visualizers provide maximum levels of zoom, functionally, and image resolution up to HD format.

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  •  Ceiling visualizer 
This can be mounted on the ceilings into a suspended ceiling. The idea of the ceiling visualizer is to keep the presenters table free so nothing disturbs the view between the presenter and the audience. Objects can be moved freely around the table and they will be captured up by the Visualizer.

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