audiences response


It is a powerful hardware and software to connect and communicate during presentations, meetings and events. With Turning Point, data collection and assessment tool with an interactive audience response feature that collects real-time responses from participants at same time.

This makes it more effortless and cost-effective to provide measurable learning tools in both the corporate and education environment. Trainers, presenters and educators can rapidly and efficiently collect real-time data from participants and display their results, allowing them to immediately assess participant preservation of the information presented. The interactivity achieved through these methods enhances learning of students and improves there knowledge.


4 types of Genee Audience response system



The Pebble is designed to create interactivity between the presenter and their audience. By using Pebble handsets the participants can answer questions that are either pre-created on the slide. Pebble can include Questions:

  • true / false
  • yes / no
  • multiple choice
  • multiple mark
  • numeric
  • sequence
  • likert scale
  • e-vote
  • Demographic answers.

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IQ Pad

You can choose to make answers anonymous, or to enable students to see how well they are doing in relation to others. By using IQ Pad handsets the participants can answer questions that are either pre-created on the slide.

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 Genee Pad

It is one of the wide range product wireless handsets which use rechargeable batteries allow each and every participant in any teaching, training, or briefing situation to have the answers instantly recorded and the analyzed result. It is same like Genee Pebble with additional options.

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Virtual GPad

Virtual G-Pad is a Cloud Learner Audience Response System which is more advance functionality of the Genee Pad handset. Images are no longer restricted to the interactive whiteboard they can be displayed directly on the Virtual G-Pad. Which is available on all iOS and Android devices, it also works on all major internet browsers using our internet portal.

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